It is told, that in the Southeast there are a hundred roads, of which ninety-nine lead to riches and the hundredth to death. There is truth in this, for the wealthy and the powerful; for here is silk from Kamthahar and gold from Ixcoatli, spices from Champoor and dyes and herbs from the deep forests, and ivory from the South and skins from beasts and slaves from the loins of men.

And at the nexus of these roads stands Nechara, proud Nechara, city of luxury and wealth, where the rich and powerful may buy even the favor of a spirit, and whose gods are greedy but generous, whores to the whims of the wealthy. Lives may be bought here, and sold, and the life of a man matters little; but the life of a hero can alter the course of destiny.

For out of the hundred roads, there is still always one which leads to death. And it is from this road the come, the heroes that would kill the wealthy, and rewrite the fate of millions.

The Kadanh Cycle

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