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The Exiled Noble, whose family once reigned in Nechara, but whose spirit patron betrayed them, leaving them penniless, destitute refugees. Never having forgotten the betrayal of this spirit, and of their allies in Nechara, the Exiled Noble seeks revenge and restoration. The spirit favors now the Kadanh of Chaigar, the noble’s mortal enemy.

The Slave Rebel, whose forefathers were enslaved by the greedy lords of Nechara long ago, made to work the lumber camps and sweat on the fields, where brothers died and sisters suffered. The Rebel led the people against the lords of Nechara, a rebellion struck down, a hero wishing to free the people. The overlords who keep them in thrall must die, beginning with the worst – the Kadanh of Chaigar.

The Seeking Heretic, who sought ancient texts on the betterment of people, who devoted money and men to the building of houses of learning, whose books were seized, taken for monetary gain by greedy merchants, whose library was sealed. For the crime of spreading knowledge among men, the Heretic was robbed of these precious things. Now, the light of knowledge must be reclaimed – from the bitter enemy, the Kadanh of Chaigar.

The Righteous Priest, who wanders Creation to spread the light of the Faith, and to right injustices, whose congregation was forbidden, whose teachings were anathema to law and order in Nechara. The Priest has seen great evil in this city, and now moves to purge it, starting with the greatest evil – the Kadanh of Chaigar.

The Branded Spy, who served the Kadanh in another land, betraying kith and kin for the money of a foreign ruler, feeding information from courts. When the Kadanh’s men invaded, subjugating the kingdom, no reward came forth – instead, the spy was branded a criminal, robbed of reward. Now, the Branded Spy seeks to right the great error of inviting this foreign serpent – by going to Nechara, to slay the Kadanh of Chaigar.

Character Inspiration

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