Solar Unlockables

Age Of Myth: The Solar Exalted are world-shaking wonders, chosen of the gods and guided by dreams. Their legend will live forever. Spend 1 Solar XP to guarantee that one of your deeds becomes legendary. Word of it spreads in the region at the speed of gossip – and nothing is faster – but you may dictate how, if at all, the myth changes shape as it travels. NPCs become aware of your deed, and have a Minor Intimacy for it of respect, fear, admiration or so on, as appropriate. Note that this is not an Intimacy towards you, just a strong opinion on the deed you performed.

Sun-King’s Shared Destiny: Spend 1 Solar XP on a friendly non-Exalted NPC or group of NPCs and declare their destiny. They gain +1 success for the rest of this story on any action related to fulfilling this destiny. Off screen, they are all but guaranteed success, though possibly with caveats. It is possible, at the GM’s discretion, that they increase a relevant Ability or Attribute at the end of the story, as a result of their learning.

The Evil Stars: Spend 1 Solar XP on a nonfriendly NPC or group of NPCs, and declare their destiny as your opponent. The chosen enemy receives no special bonuses or penalties, but Fate conspires to bring them into your path. For the rest of this story, this enemy (or their minions) is much more likely to appear. Whenever you defeat this enemy in a scene (by defeating them or their men in combat, disarming one of their traps, outbidding them at an auction, et cetera), gain one point of Willpower. If you permanently neutralize this enemy, whether by killing or befriending them, or through some other means, recover all spent Willpower. You cannot target the Kadanh of Chaigar with this Unlockable.


Dawn Triumphs: The Dawn caste always triumphs in battle. You may spend 1 Solar XP to deal one damage per die of Decisive damage, rather than 1 damage per success. Effectively, each Decisive die is set to 10, but may not benefit further from any Charms or abilities that boost Decisive damage (such as allowing you double 10s). Against non-essential opponents, the Storyteller may forego a damage roll entirely and declare the opponent automatically defeated if you use Dawn Triumphs against them.

Zenith Thunders: The Zenith caste speaks for the Unconquered Sun. You may spend 1 Solar XP to draw the attention of the NPCs in a scene to yourself, whether by your actions or just by some silent authority. Enemies will seek to attack you; if your friends split up, they will always pursue you. In noncombat scenes, eyes will turn toward you, and those who seek to corrupt or tempt will turn their attention to you, the leader. In this way, you are a shield to your allies, whether in battle or in peace.

Twilight Reveals: The Twilight caste thrives in the light of pure knowledge. You may spend 1 Solar XP to receive a piece of information from the Storyteller, or to automatically introduce a Fact as true. This information comes to your character in a flash of brilliant insight, but perhaps not immediately upon activating the Unlockable – it is up to you, the player, to save it for your character.

Night Passes: The Night caste cannot be caught. You may spend 1 Solar XP to immediately leave a scene, terminating it if you are the only PC present. The exact manner of extraction varies from character to character, perhaps stealthily, or athletically, or in some other fashion. You cannot be pursued or discovered, and you dictate the conditions of your escape.

Eclipse Prevails: The Eclipse caste brings order and harmony wherever they go. You may spend 1 Solar XP to guarantee that no combat breaks out in a scene, or to end a combat scene and turn it into a social scene instead. This Unlockable does in no way keep enemies from being unfriendly or hostile, but it avoids physical violence. It lasts but a single scene, enough for you to present your case. If any of your allies attack, enemies still fight to defend themselves.


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