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No experience gained. The Unconquered Sun chooses three heroes, and guides them in dreams to meet on a remote jungle road.

First Session

Acapan speaks to his warriors, preparing them for conquest south. The priestess Yopaat directs them to the land of Totec, and the entourage arrives.

Acapan: 5 XP, 2 Solar XP + 1 Solar for not being sure about whether Karel can be trusted.

Itzal: 5 XP, 2 Solar XP + 2 Solar for mentioning his dead brothers and sisters, thus inviting Acapan’s sympathy, and for drinking ghost-flower tea to join his dead brothers and sisters for a few fleeting minutes.

Karel: 5 XP, 2 Solar XP + 1 Solar for forgetting the meaning of his mortal name.

Second Session

The heroes leave the jungle, meet a god, slay a demon, and begin to understand each other.

Acapan: +2 Solar XP for creative demon slaying with friends (red howler) and for interaction with his tribe (i.e. Gold = Solid Sunlight)

Itzal: +3 Solar XP for inciting a slave revolt and telling the lord about it, for making friends with the slaves and for talking to the gods for boons to claim vengeance.

Karel: +3 Solar XP for persuading the local fertility god to chill out, for taking a bath in the river to sense the corruption and for his “Now I know” Comic book moment:
“-I’m not sure where he is”
“-Here I am”
“-Now I’m sure”

Advancement Tracker

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