House Totec

House Totec is a northern House, whose lands stretch around the great Lake Chapala. Their god is YUMIL CACHOB, a fertility god whose blood gives life. His children are immune to infection, and where their blood falls, flowers and maize grow.

The people of House Totec:

Xipe Totec, called the Flayed God, the Divine Ruler, whose blood keeps him alive even as his bones have failed.
Tawik Totec, called the Bright Jaguar, who has accepted the yoke of House Chaigar.
Xolot Totec, called the Black Cloud, who has rebelled against House Chaigar.
Ahuit Totec, called the Red Butterfly, the granddaughter of Xipe Totec and leader of the warrior-monks.

The people who serve them:

Seven Obsidian Feathers, the warrior-monk, who committed a crime but survived his execution by ritual combat.
Hunapacti, a former officer, who deserted his cause against the Kamwisi, and was made a slave. He is much respected among the other slaves, for his desertion saved the lives of his men.

House Totec

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