The Huun

Red Howler, the fierce and shouting warrior, whose war cries are heard for miles. Savage and powerful, her spear and club bring down the mightiest foe.

Black Heron, the shadowed warrior, whose twin bone axes bring unexpected death. Wary and careful, he is known to have survived many battles due to his great intellect.

Nectar Bat, proud and handsome, strong and straight-backed. With his stone axe, he fights with elegance and strength.

Hummingbird, the storyteller, whose nimble war-dance carried her away from the emperor sloth’s claws to give her Hun the time to strike. Small and frail-looking, she nevertheless wields the knives with greater skill than most.

Constrictor, the wise and curious, whose mother taught him a great deal about herbs and poisons, and whose big frame and deliberate movements makes him like the great snakes of the jungle.

White Bat, the curious and well-traveled pathfinder, who has ventured onto roads and plantations, and heard many tales from the South.

Red Howler Hun Acapan

Black Heron Hun Acapan

Nectar Bat Hun Acapan

Hummingbird Hun Acapan

Constrictor Hun Acapan

White Bat

The Huun

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